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The Golden Horde

Golden Horde

What would happen if say… 30% of the jobs which now exist suddenly went away? Say a inept American President and his globalist liberal lackeys ran the United States off a cliff economically. Shops close down, manufacturing stops, the service industry lays off millions because big business decides to stop the presses rather than continue to funnel all their hard won profits to the thieving ABC government agencies “invented” by an over reaching socialist government.

What do you suppose the millions of former workers would do after the welfare and unemployment ran out of funding? Would they just sit down in their tent cities and wait to starve to death? No my friends the jobless masses will do what you would do if you were in their place. They will begin to search for the necessities of life.

So… lets think this eventuality through. In a city the size of Tulsa Oklahoma for example: what are 150,000 unemployed homeless people going to do if they haven’t eaten in 24 hours? They are going to look for food. They wont be able to buy food, so they will have to steal food. It will begin with small corner grocers being flash mob ransacked, but it will rapidly grow into large grocery stores being ransacked forcefully by not hundreds at once, but thousands at once. What could Tulsa PD do about such mobs? What would they want to do? If you were a CPD officer, and you saw roughly 1500 starving panicked people running in and out of the Piggly Wiggly with bags of food, what would you do? Try to stop them? Let them ransack the whole store? I know what I would do, I would fill up a cart myself and deliver it (paid for of course) to my family, because chances are that very soon the stores are going to close the doors. How could they stay open? If everyone is stealing food that the stores have to pay to restock, how are you going to pay to restock them?

Now you have a situation in which the people who have jobs and money are unable to buy food because the stores have been looted or have shut the doors to save their profits. You have just turned Tulsa into a “Golden Horde”.

This is the concept that I am most concerned with as I look forward into the future of America. The “Golden Horde” as coined by John Wesley Rawles (the defacto father of modern prepping) is a concept whereby the sudden downfall of all of society can be triggered by a cascading collapse caused by the loss of a basic human need within a smaller portion of the greater society. The “Golden Horde” starts small, but grows ever larger as more and more people are displaced. The displaced people then become part of the “Golden Horde” themselves, and eventually town collapses town and city collapses city until all of society enters into a WROL (Without Rule Of Law) Mad Max style free for all.

During the first 6 months to 1 year the number of people who would perish from disease, famine and bloody violence would be staggering. There would be only three types of people – them that is killing, them that is dying and them that ain’t there! (pardon my hillbilly)

So what type of person are you and your “kin” planning to be? I will tell you for sure: If you don’t have a plan, you are going to be one of the first two kind of peoples. Myself and my “kin” are going to be the third type. We will be gone Johnson! We will be heavily armed, loaded up with supplies and in the most difficult to reach wilderness areas we can physically reach. After a year or so, we will come on down and see about holding the surviving government wretches accountable for their ineptitude and general traitorous ways. Chances are we will also be the first seeds of a new society. A Libertarian society.  I think I will call it “Patrick Henryton,” after the founding father who began the libertarian movement in 1775 when he said: “Give me liberty or give me death!”

“A prudent man sees danger and takes steps to remove himself out of the way, while a foolish man continues in the path and reaps the reward of a fool.” Strongly Paraphrased Proverb

Protecting And Serving – Pimping And Hoeing

Crimless Victims

Victimless Crime = Crime Less Victims

A recent news article set me off!  Now I have to speak.  I have been friends with many police officers over the years.  Most of them were just average guys making a living.  I didn’t quite know what to think when one of my Highway Patrol friends complained that they were thinking about boosting his quota.  He tried to explain it to me:  “We are required to have a certain number of contacts with the public or we can face a reprimand.”  When I asked him what happens if he witnessed no crimes he simply shrugged his shoulders.  Basically he told me all I needed to know with his silence.  His department required him to pull people over for no reason.  He also mentioned that a percentage of those contacts had to result in a citation, and another percentage had to be just a warning.  Are you beginning to follow me here?

The police are a wonderful income generation tool, don’t you think?  Imagine if you and I were this smart!  If you or I could tax a people and then use the tax revenue to hire another group of people to don guns and badges and go out and steal money from the people who you are taxing?  The tax payers are paying the thugs to steal from them.  Get it?!  It’s brilliant!  You have got to hand it to the Thugs who run the cities and states of this nation.  They are not a bunch of dupes.  We are.  We are the people who pay fines for breaking ordinances passed by the politicians who own the police who write the fines.  We are the crime less victims of victimless crimes.  And worse yet we are victimized by the people who we look to for help.  The people who took an oath to “Protect and Serve” the public.

Where They’s Pimps, They’s Hoes

You have to ask the question:  “How can these people live with themselves?”  I mean yes, I “could” go out and start a criminal organization and threaten peoples lives to take their money.  But I really couldn’t.  Do you know what I mean?  I could not sleep at night knowing that I made my living threatening and stealing from other people.  But they can.  They can, and they do.  Every day they order their badged agents to go out and canvas the cities and towns for dupes to rob.

It is the politicians who are doing this right?  It can’t possibly be the nice young police officer who is doing the stealing?  Can it?  Remember a politician back in the forties named Adolf Hitler?  He had a group of nice young men working for him too.  They had nice little badges.  They had clean pressed brown suits.  They had cute little hats.  And they wore their flags on their uniforms to show that they were just people of the nation.  They were nice young officers of the government, who murdered 6 million Jews just because they were Jews.

Now I know some of the people who may read this article probably graduated from public schools and were not taught about Hitler’s Brown Shirts.  So for those of you who were public schooled here is another way to look at it:  On the streets there are these individuals who are called Pimps.  They run another group of people who are called Hoes.  Now the Hoes must go out and, “Make that money!” for the Pimps or they face dire consequences.  So the Hoes do what they told.  They go out and screw a third group of people for that money.  You know this story right?  Well it is not so different from what is going on with the police in our cities and towns today.  There are Pimps, there are Hoes and there are the people whom they screw.

Bugging Out – What’s The Plan?

Golden Horde

So the worst just happened, TEOTWAWKI has arrived live and in living color and you are forced to flee the Golden Hoard!  What’s that look like?  Are you planing to jump in your private jet and fly to a private cabin on a fish laden lake inside a deer thick forest?  Do you have a fully stocked bug out bunker in the Colorado mountains and an armored SUV to bash through road blocks to get there?  Or are you like the rest of us who can not afford a private retreat or a concrete fortress?  What plan(s) do you have to escape hundreds of thousands of starving desperate people who might just eat you when push comes to shove?

Bug Out Bag 

Some people have put together what the Prepper community has labeled a BOB or Bug Out Bag.  This bag can be anything from a change of clothes and an extra toothbrush to a 120 pound 3 tiered system with a full combat load out.  Some people the “Fantasy Survivalists” plan on surviving full time in the boonies under the sky living of the sweet abundance of the land with only their BOB in tow.  Other people the “Secret Squirrels” plan on using their BOB to reach a secret preplanned permanent location where they will have laid up stores to outlast the throngs of the Hoard.  Others the “Red Neck Tater”, guffaw at BOBs and those who have them, they plan instead to plant themselves in their home and fight off all the displaced ObamaVoters with their tricked out AR 15 and 10,000 rounds of ammo.  Finally there are the psychopathic “Marauders” who plan to loot and pillage the prepared with coordinated armed assault raids.  For obvious reasons the last two stereotypes will not last long in a Golden Hoard situation as they are polar opposites, lethal and preparing for each other.  They will reap the fruit of their labor.  The Fantasy Survivalists will also soon find out that there are thousands of other Fantasy Survivalists out there who have the exact same plan as them.  That will be a living nightmare!  Imagine a hungry group of well trained snipers competing in the woods for what may be the last deer on earth?  Nope.  Count me out.

Secret Squirrels 

The group I am going to focus on is the Secret Squirrel type.  I think that this group of intelligent and motivated reality based individuals have the best chance for survival in a Horde scenario.  The BOB these people will construct will be more of a last result use only if needed bag and will be stocked with enough necessary equipment and food to get them to a more secure location.  Some of these people will go it alone or with immediate family members only and will have fewer mouths to feed.  Others will be meeting up with like minded individuals and will form survival enclaves which will be heavy in defense while at the same time more of a stress on supplies.  Both of these types of Squirrel groups have definite pros and cons, but in the end these people will make up the majority of the 10% of America’s population who would survive a TEOTWAWKI or Golden Horde event.

Bug Out Vehicle

big truck

Myself, I fall into the Mobile Secret Squirrel category.  I have devised a way to transport my family and all the supplies I will need in a BOV or Bug Out Vehicle.  I can move 10 tons of material over 600 miles in almost any terrain imaginable.  This way I can Bug Out to my Squirrel hole, and if need be I can move myself and all my supplies to a different hole.

Let me know what your plan is in the comment section below!


Deafening Silence – How The Love Of Money Silenced The American Church

Golden Calf

“Luke 20:25 And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s.”

The words of the Lord of Life.  A commandment from our soon returning Master!  This instruction which was given to us regarding money and dealings with the world’s governments has been willfully ignored by the Christian Church in America.  Why would the Church do this?  Why would the Church disobey the One whom it claims to serve?

One reason:  The love of money.

That’s right.  The Christian Church in America has, for the love of money, openly declared to the world that it is not a “profit” to mankind.  That is what non-profit means is it not?  The Church claims non-profit status and pays no taxes to Caesar in exchange for what?  For it’s silence.  That’s right.  The Christian Church has made a treaty with the world and it’s godless system to keep quiet in exchange for a tax break.  You see, if you are a non-profit corporation you receive tax protection under the law.  This means that you are making no money, so you do not have to pay any money in the form of taxes to the government.  Wonderful!  But like all government tax breaks, those breaks come with strings attached.  In order to qualify as a non-profit corporation the Church may not speak out either for or against any political party, group or individual.  In short the Christian Church may not stand against a politician regardless of what they do.

“Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

The Christian Church has been called to battle.  It’s battle is against wickedness in high places.  It’s battle is against the spirit of anti-christ and the darkness of this world.  The Church has standing orders to call out the wicked and those who are pushing wicked agendas in “high places.”  How can you fight against the wicked if you sign an agreement to keep quiet in exchange for money?  The short answer:  You can’t.

“1Timothy 6:9-10 But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.
For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

What a different country this once great nation would be if only the Christian Church refused to accept bribes from the wicked!  If the “salt and light” seasoned this nation with good and shamed the dark into flight!  But for the love of money.  But for the disobedience of and betrayal of the Truth of the Lord.  How far has this nation, which was formed and based upon the Word of God tumbled?!  Any blind man can see the depths of the wickedness which has taken root and flourished under the guidance of these corrupt, base leaders.  The homosexual agenda openly pushed in the nation’s schools.  The open sexualisation of children as young as ten years old.  The removal of the Word of God from all public places.  The list goes on and on.

It would be so easy to blame the Barak Obamas and the Hillary Clintons of the Demoncrat party for all these things.  After all a blind man can see that these socialist communist fascists are the one party who openly calls for the destruction of Christianity and all moral uprightness.  But it is NOT the Demoncrat party who is responsible for the success of the wicked.  No Christian Church, it is you and you alone who has deafened this world with your silence.

Are You An Evil Gun Owner OR Are You An Evil Gun Owner?

Gun Control Pic


Control The Conversation

Gun owners.  Why do you let your enemies control the conversation?  Remember back to the last few firearm related massacres perpetrated on innocents by Liberal mental patients.  Adam Lanza for example had a history of behavioral problems and had been treated for sensory-integration disorder, Asperger syndrome and obsessive-compulsive disorder by a “mental health” professional.  He walked into a Gun Free Zone with a gun and murdered 20 children and 6 teachers.  This is indeed a tragedy.  The insanity unfortunately did not die with Lanza.  Immediately the president went on the attack:

“We’re going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics.”

Which of course was Liberal Speak for: “We need to use this tragedy to deny Americans their gun rights.”

The very next day all the “news media” began debating the need to restrict gun ownership to the mentally unstable.  I remember hearing questions like: “Do you support a law which would require the seller of any firearm to first run a background check on the intended buyer?”  Sounds like a valid question doesn’t it?  But this is a of course a controlled question.  If you say: “No, I do not support requiring a private citizen to have to run a background check on another private citizen.”  Then you want guns to be sold to criminals or insane people, making you an evil person.  If on the other hand you say:  “Yes, I do support the requiring of background checks on all gun sales either private or FFL.”  Then you support gun control legislation which would require a private citizen to purchase a background check, costing hundreds of dollars, before they could legally sell their gun.  Either way you answered this question the gun owner lost the debate.  We must not play this game any longer.  As long as we let the enemy control the debate we can not win.

Put Responsibility Where Responsibility Is Due

The question needs to be asked:  “Who is responsible for the deaths of all the victims of Liberal crazies like Adam Lanza the Sandy Hook shooter, Nidal Hasan the Ft Hood Shooter, Aaron Alexis the Navy Yard shooter, Seung-Hui Cho the Virginia Tech shooter and James Holmes the Colorado shooter?”  Is the gun itself responsible for killing these people?  Is it the responsibility of gun manufacturers for making the guns?  How about the gun purchasers who originally purchased the guns?  Is it the NRA for advocating “for” gun ownership rights?  Or should the responsibility for these deaths be upon the heads of the people who pulled the trigger?  I obviously would strongly argue that:

  • The gun can not shoot itself therefore it can not be held responsible.
  • The gun manufacturer can not control who handles the gun past the shipping doors and therefore they can not be held responsible.
  • The original purchasers of the gun like the first victim of Adam Lanza did not make the decision to kill therefore they can not be held responsible.
  • The NRA simply by exercising free speech can not be held responsible.
  • The only logical answer is that the responsibility for those deaths belongs to the shooters themselves.

In the current justice system the laws are clear about how to deal with murderers.  So why then did the millions of people who did not pull the trigger, find themselves in the crosshairs of the same types of people as the perpetrators themselves?  The short answer:  The same insanity that the shooters suffered from is shared by those lawmakers who proposed regulating all the people who did not pull the trigger.